Monday, 25 August 2014

Bittersweet moment

Alas, another bittersweet moment in the saga of my son growing up all to quickly.

This past Friday night we moved him from his nursery room into his big-boy room with a big-boy bed.  An exciting time as he's growing up...but tough on my wife and I!  How did this day come so quickly??  We decorated the room last week (my wife mostly) and made it fun for him.  We made sure to get him excited about his big-boy bed.  And when the moment actually came, it was no problem at all - he slept all the way through his first night, and has been great since.

That full night sleep is an absolute blessing, but it's a bit tough too - my wife laughed as she mentioned how she wished he would cry out a bit so she could go in there and comfort him, haha.

I was not upset at that part at all (I like my sleep), but more so at his old room being empty.  That's when it hits me - when I walk past there or in there at night, and he's not there...what happened?

Love my kid.