Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Taking some inspiration from Junky Rhodes, I've decided to post a hilarious video that I've found on Youtube.  This one had me laughing for a while.  But you're only allowed to watch the one video and that it's back to work!  (Youtube can be so addictive...)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day!

The reason this is belated is because I was just having so much fun with my mother yesterday that I couldn't get to a computer.

Okay, bit of a fib...but I really did have a great time with my mother yesterday.  We don't live in the same city, so it was so nice to visit together and celebrate - her!  Mother's Day is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on what our mother's do for us, how hard they work, and the blessing that they are.  My mom is an inspiration.  That sounds sappy, but hear me out.

She never had great jobs, but always went to them diligently, without complaining, and did a great job.  She has had some health struggles, and yet if you met her on the street you'd never know.  In fact, if you knew her really well you still might not know, because she doesn't talk or complain about it.  She carries on with daily life, with doing everything that needs to get done, with putting family first.  She's a trooper.  And her faith is unshakeable.

So I say again, she's an inspiration.  I'm blessed to have the mother that I do.

To all the mother's, Happy (belated) Mother's Day.  To all those who can relate to what I've written above, consider yourselves blessed.

Monday, 7 May 2012

RVH Phase 1 Expansion - Media Tour

The grand opening for the new Phase 1 Expansion project for Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, or RVH,  is happening Thursday, May 17th.  But today I got to go on a media tour of the new facility, which essentially doubles the size of the existing hospital.  I have to say, it's quite an impressive building!  State-of-the-art technology, spacious, warm and a nice ambiance for those who have to visit - and terrific care and accommodations, particularly in the new Simcoe Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre.

A few specs:
- Emergency department triples in size
- $70 million in new equipment
- Two new operating suites
- 700 new jobs
- 34 chemotherapy treatment suites overlooking gardens and a lake, and each with their own patient entertainment system

And this expansion project is just phase 1 of 6 parts!  Excited to see what else is in the plans!  Pictures don't do it justice, you've got to check it out at the grand opening May 17th if you can, but here are some shots to give you a preview.

Main entrance and lobby 

Patient care area, front desk

Private Room in the cancer centre (complete with a bench that turns into a cot for a family member who needs to stay overnight with a loved one)

Double room in the cancer centre, with the entertainment units visible

Cool lighting in one of the staircases!  (view from above)

Same lighting, but view from underneath

One of the hallways in the new cancer centre (RVH President and CEO Janice Skot is in the grey top and pink skirt)

These paintings of leaves decorate parts of the floor throughout the new expansion

One of three new radiation bunkers for cancer treatments